Can I view videos on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes! Mobile device viewing requires the ability to run Flash. If you are using a mobile device and are having trouble viewing the videos, there are third party applications you may wish to look into such as Photon Flash or Skyfire.

Can I download Angel Tribe content to my device?
All Angel Attunements and PDF's are downloadable. All videos are streaming only and available for you to access anytime you'd like, as long as your membership is current! If you're using a smartphone or tablet for this course download issues vary from device to device. Check out this Article on how to download material onto phones and tablets. If you are still having trouble please email Support ( with detailed information about what you're experiencing and what specific device you are using.

What web browsers can I use to access Angel Tribe?
The site supports most desktop web browsers for viewing and Chrome and Safari browsers for mobile devices. We recommend using the latest browser version available to your operating system. Check if your browser is up to date with this tool: Browse Freely.

I’m having trouble logging in or accessing new content…
Clearing your browsing history may fix both these problems! Make sure you’re logged out, clear your recent history (the how-to varies by browser), then try logging back in. Check out this great, general article that will help you learn how to do it! It includes info on multiple browsers and devices.

Google It!
Using a search engine to research your tech problems is a great way to solve your unique situation. Always feel free to reach out to us for support, but we encourage you to Google it and see what you can find out!

New to technology?
We get it. You have some tech fears … but you really want to get the most out of Angel Tribe! Here are some ideas to explore so you can get the most out of your device and any online course you sign up for, including AT.

-Are you a people person? Apple stores, tech shops, and libraries often have courses or tutors to help you learn how to use your device and understand what a web browser is, how to keep your device working in top form, and so much more. Browse around locally and get a tutor or into a class.

-Feel like you’ve got the basics, but want more? Online courses may be a good option for you. Check out Udemy. They have plenty of classes from iPad for Beginners to Master Computers: From Beginner to Expert in One Week.

Do you provide Closed Captions for your video content?
We do! Please make sure the CC button on each video is turned on. It can be found to the right of the play bar. They are included on all content videos and the replays of the live coaching calls.


How do I manage my account?
You can manage all aspects of your account by signing in to and clicking on Your Account at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, or by clicking Your Account in the navigation at the bottom of any page on the website. You can update your contact info and credit card information here.

How do I cancel my yearly membership (one-off payment)?
Saturday, June 23rd, 2019 marks the end of our refund period. Because of the nature of the content we will not be offering refunds after that date. The Angel Tribe course is a journey. We ask that you commit to the course and allow the process to unfold!

If you wish to cancel your yearly membership before June 23rd, please contact us at

Is my plan on Auto Renew and how does it work?
When you sign up for Angel Tribe and pay in full for the year, you are now on Auto Renew! This means that at the same time you signed up next year, you’ll automatically be charged for another year of Angel Tribe. You can cancel auto renew at anytime. If you’re on a payment plan, you are NOT on Auto Renew and will have to renew with us manually if you’d like to continue your journey on Angel Tribe.

Request from us to you…
We ask that you do not share Angel Tribe content with those who have not purchased a membership. Your membership fees assist Kyle and the team to continue to produce great, free content on Thanks for honoring this request!


What is included in Angel Tribe?
A monthly Archangel profile video with downloadable PDF, a monthly angel attunement that helps you create a direct and meaningful connection with the Archangel of the month, and a monthly live coaching call with Kyle. The bonus course Angel Card Mastery and a Resources section with helpsheets, manuals, meditations and videos is also part of your membership, along with access to our Angel Tribe Facebook group!

How long are the monthly Know Your Angels Philosophy videos?
They are between 20 - 40 minutes in length, depending on the Archangel!

How long are the monthly Angel Attunements?
Each attunement will be 10 – 15 minutes in length and are specially designed by Kyle.

When does the Angel Tribe Live broadcast take place?
The live calls take place on Sundays, once per month, at 4pm UK time. Please check our monthly schedule on the site to confirm the date and time for each month.

How do I join the live monthly call?
Visit the Angel Tribe Live page on the website and click on the image of Kyle at the Lake. We use Zoom for all our live calls. To learn more about how to use Zoom on your device, click HERE. If you’re using a mobile phone or tablet to access the live calls make sure to download the Zoom app from your app store first.

How do I join the Angel Tribe Facebook Group?
Click on the Facebook Group link on the Angel Tribe Website and request membership. You will be asked to enter the email address you signed up with and to agree to our group rules … please make sure you do this as we receive so many requests from non-members it helps us make sure we get you in. One of our admins will approve you within 24 hours and then you’re all set to connect! We only approve members who are subscribed to the Angel Tribe.

Can I advertise on the Angel Tribe Facebook Group?
We love that you are doing cool work out in the world. And we encourage you to share that with your fellow tribe members. But, only on Wednesdays! Our admin will create a post and this is your place to share what you’re up to professionally. Please DO NOT post advertisements outside of this post or at any other time.


How do I make a mega deck?
Create your mega deck by combining Kyle's Keeper of the Light Oracle Cards with all the Archangels from Angel Prayers.

What is Angel Card Mastery?
Angel Card Mastery was designed by Kyle Gray as a course to take you on a journey in getting to know and use your cards to offer spreads for yourself, friends & family, and clients! The course includes 2 introductory and 13 tutorial videos in which Kyle takes you through a process. The videos range between 8 to 23 minutes in length. For your second year membership of Angel Tribe Advanced Angel Card Mastery will open up. This has 12 videos.

What is the certificate of completion?
The certificate of completion is for Angel Card Mastery and Advanced Angel Card Mastery. It is an official document saying that you participated and completed all required coursework. This is NOT an endorsement of skills from Kyle Gray. You’ll also receive badges for your website or social media channels upon certification.

How do I apply for my certificate of completion for Angel Card Mastery?
Before you apply for certification make sure you have completed the following:

- Completed every training video (there are 13 videos)
- Participated in at least 6 Angel Tribe Coaching Calls or watched the recordings
-Taken time to practice the tools and tips shared within all training videos
- Practised giving at least 6 readings to others
-Practised all the basic spreads personally

Once you have completed this work please email letting us know you’re ready and we’ll send you all the details!