ACM 7: Personality Reading: Eight Card Spread Pt. 2

Taking the 8-card spread even further, in this video you’ll learn the skills that allow you to delve deep into someone’s energy and read their present feelings. Being able to see present feelings is important as it allows your ‘client’ to see how intuitive and understanding you really are.


ACM 8: How To Tell A Story with Your Cards: Nine Card Spread

Now that you’ve learned how to read in context and with intention, the next skill you begin to build is learning how to tell a story with your cards. In this video you’ll be introduced to the 9-card spread and see the importance of flow when you’re doing a reading.


ACM 9: How to Build a Reading

It’s getting exciting. In this part of the course you’ll learn the skills you need for you to build up a reading and how you can step into a space of service through working with angel cards.