One: Intro & Archangel Michael

Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God’ and he is the prince of light, the leader of the Angelic realm. He ensures that all the other Archangels are performing their spiritual duties. He is the Angel who protects all lightworkers - those souls who feel called to help heal the world. He is a multi-dimensional being and, like all Archangels, he can be in all places at once. Michael helps us surrender the negative feelings within so we can align once more with our spiritual truth, which is love.

Two: Archangel Raphael

Raphael’s name means ‘God heals’ and he is the Archangel of health and healing. With his emerald aura, he has the ability both to heal us and to help us heal ourselves. He carries a caduceus wand as a symbol of his divine healing abilities. Raphael is the Divine Physician and will bring healing to all those who call on him.


Ariel’s name means ‘Lioness of God’ and she is a true warrior-spirited Angel who has a strong connection to the animal realm. She is here to help us have peace in our heart with regard to other people, and the animal kingdom too. She helps us look after those we love and find the strength to keep things going when times are challenging. Ariel helps you embody the courage and poise of a lion.